DirecTV is field testing RVU, will offer satellite TV without individual receivers in October

We’ve been waiting since 2009 for the RVU Alliance to deliver on its promise of TV service controlled by a main server that streams content to any screen in the home without requiring any set-top boxes and it appears DirecTV is ready to make it so. A press release issued today indicates it has started field trials of the HR34 RVU server that will be the keystone in its Home Media Center, and plans to roll the service out nationwide in October. If you want to know when to start buying HDTVs like the Samsung D6000 series, it also mentions RVU certification for those and DirecTV’s own C30 Home Media Clients (check out a video demo here) is expected to be finalized in June. There’s been some delays but if you were also hoping that 2011 would be the year we can get rid of the cable box, the progress is looking very promising.

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