CCTV Security Cameras for Museums

CCTV Security Cameras for Museums

Security Cameras for MuseumsMuseums store and house some of the most precious and valuable collections in the world.  Monitoring these works of art is necessary and is a huge undertaking. Works of art are always prime targets for thieves. A well installed video surveillance system will help to protect a museum’s art collections from possible acts of vandalism and thievery. Museum Security Surveillance Systems Benefits


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CCTV Cameras for Sporting Events

CCTV Cameras for Sporting Events

Sporting Events CCTVSporting events are synonymous with large crowds that draw criminal activity. Maintaining large crowds in check, keeping events safe and avoiding possible threats and disturbances such as terrorism, can be a large undertaking for any security staff. Security cameras offer an invaluable tool to ensure the safety of the players, fans, staff, and the facilities themselves. The Benefits of Stadium…

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Lab Research Security Surveillance

Lab Research Security Surveillance

Lab Research SurveillanceResearch environments such as lab research, and testing facilities are not typically viewed as surveillance hotspots but labs require very stringent security to help protect researchers, valuable ideas, and expensive lab equipment from theft, intellectual espionage, and other possible threats. Security camera surveillance is a valuable asset for laboratories and keeps experiments, equipment,…

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Entertainment Surveillance and Security

Entertainment Surveillance and Security

concert surveillanceThe entertainment industry looks to surveillance to help monitor the thousands of spectators and visitors that attend their events. Sporting events and concerts typically draw a large number of customers that expect a safe environment. This is where a well installed entertainment surveillance system can help. Security Cameras for Entertainment – The Benefits

You will never have enough staff to…

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Child Care Video Surveillance

Child Care Video Surveillance

child care security camerasOur children deserve to be safe and well installed CCTV system is a perfect tool for Child Care centers. With many households now having both parents working, childcare has become an essential part of many children. A security camera system installed at your childcare center or  day care will provide parents a piece of mind while helping to keep children safe. Daycare Security Cameras Benefits

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Can I install an IP camera system? Yes you can.

Can I install an IP camera system? Yes you can.

ip camera system

Not everyone is hip to the network game. To this day the amount of calls we receive for help are 80% network related support calls. Yes, 80%. We have come to the simple conclusion that not everyone understands or will understand the small details involved when installing IP camera systems. Whether it’s bandwidth, resolution, bit-rate or a simple gigabit connection, it simply does not matter. All…

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1080P HD IP Security Cameras offer great value for the price.

1080P HD IP Security Cameras offer great value for the price.

ip bullet cameraLast year we saw a huge increase in low priced 720p IP cameras. 1MP and 1.3MP IP cameras really became the go to standard for low end IP cameras. Though 720p is no slouch in the resolution department many customers did not upgrade to higher resolution cameras because of the difference in price points between 1 and 2 megapixel cameras, especially when purchasing multiple cameras at one time. As…

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Security Camera Systems for Campus

Security Camera Systems for Campus

campus security camerasThere is no doubting that college campuses pose security challenges. College campuses have many facilities and buildings throughout the property. With courtyards, dormitories, sports complexes, cafeterias and libraries, there is much to cover. Well designed and implemented campus security cameras can go a long way in ensuring the safety of faculty, visitors, students, and facilities on campus. We…

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Security Cameras for School Buses

Security Cameras for School Buses

school bus cctv Safety is essential when it comes to our children and when you consider that school buses transport millions of kids to and from school each year, incidents are bound to happen. Security camera surveillance provides a great tool for school buses – and not just for keeping children safe. School Bus Surveillance Benefits


Children Protection– Kids will be kids, and it’s inevitable that children…

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School Security Cameras & Surveillance Systems

School Security Cameras & Surveillance Systems

school surveillanceUnfortunately schools now and forever will be a place where video surveillance is a must. Safeguarding faculty and students is a primary concern for any school today. CCTV systems play a key role in ensuring safety on school grounds. Maintaining safety and curbing violence or vandalism is a challenge and security cameras are an indispensable tool to help resolve and identify issues as they arise.

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