The true definition of an integrator. Trinidad Member shows off company skills

The true definition of an integrator. Trinidad Member shows off company skills

Integrators are not one trick ponies. By definition, they provide a wide variety of services and integrate them for customers. Normally, a security integrator will provide several services that are very typical to their field. They may integrate access control with security cameras, install IP cameras integrated with home automation or mix technologies like analog camerasystems with new HD…

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Use your Smartphone for Access Control Entry

The days of having to carry a key fob or access control card is slowly coming to an end.

Use your Smartphone for Access Control Entry

The days of having to carry a key fob or access control card is slowly coming to an end.

Remotely changing camera settings on HD-CVI cameras.

HD-CVI cameras offer a unique ability to allow changes to the camera via your DVR menu. This feature is very helpful to customers and installers alike.

Where do you find Security Surveillance cameras in Miami?

Where do you find Security Surveillance cameras in Miami?

Megapixall has opened a new satellite office in Pinecrest Florida. Located right on US1 right across the street from Five Guys and Yogurtland. Serving customers from surrounding cities in Doral, Kendall, Homestead, Coral Gables and Miami Dade. Stop by and have a look at our security surveillance cameras and digital video recorders.


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Security Camera Systems for Gyms & Health Clubs

Security Camera Systems for Gyms & Health Clubs

Gym Surveillance camerasGyms have a constant flow of members coming and leaving the health club. This makes them an ideal candidate for video security. Exclusive gyms and country clubs often attract thieves because of the members perceived wealth. This makes members and the property easy targets. A well installed security camera system will help keep your staff, members, and company assets safe from vandalism, theft,…

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Security Camera Systems for Churches

Security Camera Systems for Churches

Church CCTV CamerasAttending your church, mosques, or any location of worship or prayer is typically considered a very inviting and relaxing atmosphere. Churches go out out of their way to may make the experience as welcoming as possible.  Unfortunately, this often causes churches to ignore security, and this results in the church being susceptible to acts vandalism or of theft. A well installed church video…

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Retail CCTV Security Cameras

Retail CCTV Security Cameras

The retail industry makes billions of dollars every year and not surprising, it also loses billions of dollars to shoplifters and employee theft. New HD security cameras are the perfect solution for retail locations and offers various advantages, for instance, decreased retail shrinkage, maximized retail store earnings, reduced insurance premiums, and undoubtedly a reduction in the amount of…

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CCTV Cameras for Offices

CCTV Cameras for Offices

office cctv cameras

CCTV cameras are synonymous with businesses and office environments. Even though they don’t have to deal with the same robbery and security dangers as convenience shops or gasoline stations , offices possess distinctive security risks that surveillance video cameras will help protect against . Key Benefits of CCTV Cameras in Business Environments

Client and Employee Protection– We all…

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CCTV Camera Systems for Marinas

CCTV Camera Systems for Marinas

marina cctvThere are many benefits to using CCTV camera systems at Marinas. With the constant stream of visitors arriving via boat and land to visit restaurants, gift shops, and fuel stations, marinas have a complex mix of surveillance needs. A professional marine security camera system will not only help protect your property but also the property of those who dock their boats at the marina. Marina CCTV…

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Farm CCTV Security Cameras

Farm CCTV Security Cameras

farm cctvOne may not think so but security for agricultural environments and farms is extremely important. CCTV cameras help to safeguard farms and make sure daily operations continue to run smooth. This helps farms to deliver a safe quality product to consumers, while protecting equipment, animals, and the facilities from possible harm or misuse. CCTV cameras for Stables and Farms



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